Government announce new implementation protocol for international tourism revival

Government announce new implementation protocol for international tourism revival

The Government of Namibia have announced through the Ministry of Environment Forestry and Tourism the new implementation protocols for international tourism revival initiative.

The implementation protocol aims to get the critical tourism and hospitality sector back up and running by putting in place necessary measures and good practices to regulate sector in the context of Covid-19.

The implementation protocol further seeks to ensure that international tourists are still able to visit Namibia without compromising the public health of neither Namibians nor their own health.

In addition, the protocols cover information and guidance to both visitors and accommodation establishments and the tourism industry at large.

The information includes entry requirements, requirements for local tourism industry service providers, requirements for airlines, testing/screening or arrival, transfer from airport to tourist accommodation, tracing and case management and visa requirements among others. 

The new initiative protocol will come into effect from 01 September 2020, which will signal the re-opening of Hosea Kutako International Airport to International tourists.

Speaking at the press conference Hon. Pohamba Shifeta the Minister for Environment Forestry and Tourism thanked all stakeholders who contributing to the development of the new implementation protocols.

’’Although diverse efforts have been made to stimulate domestic tourism during Covid-19 State of Emergency period, the survival and re-growth of tourism sector depends mainly on our ability to attract international tourists’’ said Shifeta.

The protocol initiative marks an important first step to get the sector back on track and I am confident that we will be able to ensure the re-growth and resilience of this important sector without jeopardizing public health, remarked Shifeta.

 The detailed information on Covid-19 protocols for all Operations in the tourism sector have been put in place by the Namibia Tourism Board. All tourism and hospitality establishments, facilities and enterprises must prior to receiving guests obtain a health certificate license/permit in compliance with the provision of the protocols for the international tourism revival initiative, pointed out Shifeta.

Further information and application forms are available on the NTB website at