What information is needed before a concession can be awarded?

Before a request for proposal is called, or a concession is preferentially awarded or an unsolicited application is considered, MET must consider the following matters:
  • A detailed site description of the area;
  • Management plan provisions for the area;
  • Environmental impact of the concession;
  • Any infrastructure implications;
  • The institutional (MET) capacity to manage the concession;
  • Any social or cultural issues which may need to be addressed;
  • Legal issues which may need clarity or further investigation;
  • A financial assessment (cost benefit analysis);
  • A brief market assessment e.g. the likely demand for the site or activity;
  • An initial assessment of an appropriate timeframe for the concession;
  • Any risks that MET may be exposed to; and
  • Based on the above analysis, a recommended strategy and concession outline must be prepared assuming the operation is viable.  This must detail how the concession will operate, the duration of the contract, perhaps what sort of partners may be sought and any other relevant considerations. An evaluation must also be made whether the concession should be allocated through the request for proposals or tender process, by auction or by direct allocation to a rural community.

In all awards of a concession, a comprehensive contract is to be concluded between the beneficiary and the Minister that will then be managed and monitored by MET staff.

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