What are the benefits of concessions?

There are a range of direct and indirect beneficiaries (such as local stores, petrol stations, craft suppliers and others) from successful concession businesses.  Some of the direct benefits are:

Benefits for a Community: Concessions awarded to communities in or adjacent to a protected area provide that community with the opportunity to generate income and employment, learn new skills and become involved in a business.  They help people to value their own culture while still conserving the area in which they and wildlife live.  Preference will generally be given to awarding concessions to communities immediately in or adjacent to a park where such opportunities have the potential to provide the greatest socio-economic impact at a local level.  These communities can have the greatest impact on the park while they are also likely to be the most negatively affected by wildlife or by loss of access to land and resources.

Benefits for an Operator: Where the local community develops their own operation, enters into an agreement with a private operator, or if a private operator wishes to start a business then the concession provides that business with a legal and secure tenure to operate in a protected area for a specified timeframe, therefore enabling a secure investment to be made.  The concession is an asset that adds value to the operation providing a legal right that may then be used to access capital.

Benefits for a Protected Area and the State: Concessions allow activities within protected areas to take place in a manner that ensures the park remains conserved.  They also provide much needed revenue for the parks and allow visitors to have a safe and enjoyable visit. Concession operators may be required to assist with certain management activities such as maintaining tracks or signs or gathering information about the area.

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