Ministry launches an online application system for environmental clearance

The Ministry today launched an Online application system for environmental clearance.

The system is developed to better service the increasing demand for environmental clearance certificates in a more efficient and effective manner.

The system was officially launched by the Minister, Hon Pohamba Shifeta who said the system is a milestone in the administration of applications for clearance certificates.  He expressed that the the system will prove to be more rigorous, transparent and client-friendly than the existing manual system.

It further enhances accessibility as it allows clients to submit their applications and track progress online from anywhere, rather than having to come to Windhoek as it has been the case.

Shifeta adds that the Minitry is extremely conscious of the need to act quickly and not to delay projects that are critical for the development of our country.

Apart from making the process easier to apply for, transfer and renew environmental clearance certificates, the system has a role in strengthening public engagement in the environmental assessment process.

This system allows for interested and affected parties to provide comments on environmental impact assessments and related documents and offers the opportunity for members of the general public to report concerns and potential cases of non-compliance with the Act.

Follow this link to access the system: