New Park Management Station for Bwabwata

The Minister of Envirponment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta together with the German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr Gerd Müller, inaugurated a new park station for Bwabwata National Park on Saturday, 31 August 2019.

The new Buffalo park station marks another milestone of a long-term joint development programme to improve Namibia´s National Parks.

According to Pohamba Shifeta, building important park infrastructure will enable the Ministry to effectively and efficiently manage Bwabwata National Park and its support zones, in cooperation with resident communities and protecting the park’s unique flora and fauna.

He added that the park station will further assist in securing national and transboundary migratory routes for wildlife and managing and increasing tourism development in Bwabwata National Park.

Shifeta stressed that National parks are a vital tools for conserving Namibia’s essential biodiversity. “By managing parks, their irreplaceable assets and unlimited potential will be conserved for future generations”, Shifeta added.

Each new station provides top-quality houses for all the staff, an attractive entrance gate and visitor reception, offices, workshops, electrical and water supplies. The new houses are a huge improvement on the old, dilapidated wooden “Kimbos” in which most of the staff members have been living until now.