Newsletter VOL1 ISSUE2

Editor’s Note
Parting shot?
Welcome to the last edition of the year 2014. Normally, this time is characterised by a hype of activities and excitement for the festive season.
Most of the staff members put in leave to join families and friends in festivities. Some look back and evaluate their achievements as well as their challenges as they plan for the New Year ahead.
In short, this is a joyous period. One can tell by looking at vegetation that has started to blossom. Considering the landscape of Namibia, a little green makes it more beautiful.
Consideration of that, we would like to wish all our readers and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism staff members a safe, joyous, and blessed festive season.
Furthermore, we wish you a prosperous and a Happy New Year. For as much as this is an exciting period, it is prone to eventualities that can be fatal and dangerous. We, therefore, urge our readers to be cautious, especially when driving to various destinations.
This year is particularly interesting because the country elected a new leadership. Staff members are encouraged to shift into a change man¬agement attitude.
At the ministry, we look back into the year where we have been a family based on the framework of team sprit to achieve desired results.

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