Earth Bound VOL 2 ISSUE 4

Editor's Note

Namibia has declared war on poverty with the new administra¬tion of the country’s affairs. Zero tolerance to poverty will be the motto of government and its associated institutions. This is cou¬pled with a culture for hard work and productivity. This is what the head of state and his administration want for this country.
All of the above call for reassessment of ourselves and the in¬stitutions we serve under to insure that we fit in to become part of the change. A ministry we need to examine our programmes and activities to see how the address the issues of poverty re¬duction in the land of the brave. The tacks are high and the ex¬pectation are even much higher.
In his state of the nation address, his Excellency Hage Geingob urged civil servants to refrain from corrupt activities. The presi¬dent urged further that public official should declare their assets to avoid conflict of interest. In belief that transparency starts at the top, the president has committed to reveal his assets and his medical report to the public.
The idea is to preventing undue benefits accruing to Public Of¬ficials and ensure that resources are directed to benefit Namib¬ian in all corners of the world. I personally salute this ideal and the challenge is on all of us. The question is how far are willing to go for a better Namibia where everybody has access to basic resources.
The Ministry has a number of projects benefitting the citizens of the country particularly those in rural areas. Our duty there¬fore is to maximize this benefits for their social and economic upliftment. Let us work together to address the challenges be¬fore us, such as poaching and waste management.
Having highlighted all of the above, let me also take time to congratulate our newly appointed Minister and Deputy Minister respectively. A lot has been said already to welcome the duo of lawyers into their new capacities. On behalf of all the readers and the community of the ministry of environment wish them success in their endeavors. We look forwards to working to¬gether with you in moving forward the mandate of the ministry towards the attainment of national goals.
I welcome you to yet another edition of exciting information. Enjoy!

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