Earth Bound VOL 2 ISSUE 5

Every time I travel by road in the country, I cannot help but notice how beautiful our country Namibia is. The different landscapes, the vegetation (from the lush green north east, the savannas and the tough desert plants) the oceans, rivers, the breathtaking and awe-inspiring Namib Desert and our different species of wildlife including the feral horses, bring out this unique beauty.

Indeed Namibians should be proud to have such a beautiful country that is rich in natural resources including its fauna and flora. As we have always preached, let us all jealously protect our unique country from forces bent on reversing the gains we have achieved in maintaining the natural beauty of the Land of the Brave for both our benefit and that of future generations.

Let us stand firm against those plundering our natural resources for their selfish gains. We have an obligation not only to preach against poaching of our wildlife but also help to ensure that those perpetrating these crimes are brought to book.


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