Tourism Expo 2014

Director of Ceremonies
Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry – Hon. Tjekero Tweya
Her Worship, the Mayor of Windhoek – Councilor Agnes Kafula
Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Chairperson of Namibia Media Holdings – Ms. Monica Kalondo
Acting CEO of Namibia Tourism Board – Mr Bonny Mbidzo
Distinguished partners in Tourism Business
Dear Exhibitors
Distinguished invited guest,
Members of the media,
Ladies and gentleman
I am delighted to join the Official Launch of the Annual Namibia Tourism Expo today hosted by Namibia Tourism Board (NTB). The Tourism Expo serves as a platform for Namibia’s Tourism industry to promote and market their products and services to all involved in the Industry as well as the general public.
Tourism remains one of the booming economic sectors in Namibia and hence the Government of the Republic of Namibia has prioritized the tourism sector as one of the sectors that has the capacity and potential to reduce poverty, advance rural development, and create more jobs. Tourism revenue helps with conservation, preservation of our natural and cultural heritage and our biodiversity.
With a broader picture, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism is responsible for creating an enabling environment for the tourism industry to grow and flourish and to contribute towards the realization of Vision 2030, NDP4.
For the Government to implement sustainable development initiatives successfully there need to be a multi-stakeholder process whereby all stakeholders take responsibility for the future of travel and tourism. The Government is both willing and able to undertake this dialogue, which will be done through interactive sessions between the Minister of Environment and Tourism with the Tourism Private Sector to access the growth, address challenges and develop the Industry.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am happy to report that even with the economic downfall; our arrival statistics are increasing year to year, we are confident to know that more travelers from all over the world are choosing to discover their souls in Namibia. Namibia is increasingly being widely acknowledged as a tourist destination known for its outstanding conservation efforts through its CBNRM Program, stunning landscapes, wildlife, safety, security and cultural diversity.
The success of tourism is based on marketing, although an expensive venture as it may, it takes a while to be realized. Efforts by Namibia Tourism Board in penetrating emerging markets like UAE, China and the USA, can be applauded, however, we need
to take cognizance of changing trends where new technologies of social medias is taking up a big chunk of information dissemination, and we need to move along.
This Expo remains the foremost and most innovative networking function not only in the travel and tourism industry in Namibia but in all Sectors in Namibia.
To the Exhibitors, this Expo remains the foremost and most innovative networking function not only in the travel and tourism industry in Namibia but in all Sectors in Namibia. This is your first step in making business with the Namibian tourism industry as well as unleashing other business opportunities in Namibia, hence our invitation to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, to come and speak to the Exhibitors at this year’s Expo, therefore, Come join the mission to be inspired about awesome Namibia.
Having said the latter, Ladies and gentlemen, it is now my distinguished honor to officially welcome and invite to the podium, my colleague, my fellow member of Parliament, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, to address you, the Exhibitors. I trust that this year’s Namibia Tourism Expo will be a great success and an opportunity for more business engagements.
Once again, I am wishing you a pleasant stay in Namibia and I hope you have added few days after the Expo to explore Namibia and get a touch of what it has as a tourism destination.

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