How will concession opportunities be identified?

In accordance with the policy, concession opportunities will generally be identified as follows:

  1. MET will identify, generally through its management planning, a site or opportunity for a concession; 
  2. The concession opportunity will be thoroughly defined, including any restrictions that will apply, such as the duration of the concession, access, maximum numbers of guests, activities allowed and prohibited, and whether the concession is exclusive (e.g. in terms of access to area, or service) or not.  Restrictions will aim to be fair and reasonable; and
  3. When identified concessions are in conflict with other forms of land use, consultation with other stakeholders and consideration of long-term local, regional and national socio-economic costs and benefits, environmental impacts or benefits will be essential.  
    Applications applied for outside of a competitive process will only be considered if they match the concession opportunities identified through this framework.  For unique and highly innovative proposals, the Minister may grant exclusive operating rights to the proponent for a limited period, and thereafter make such rights available through public competition.
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