How do I apply for a concession?

In most cases concessions will be awarded after a request for a proposal has been issued from MET.  However, in special cases concessions may also be preferentially awarded to an affected community, tendered, balloted or applied for by a community, conservancy or the private sector.  The process and procedure for awarding concessions will be transparent, objective and fair.  

The empowerment of formerly disadvantaged Namibians is a priority so in some cases preference will be given to rural communities in and adjacent to protected areas or other State land (excluding land managed by conservancies), who propose their own enterprise or who have entered into a joint venture with another entity(s).  In such cases, there is a need to ensure that any sub-agreement with a third party does not exploit the community. 

Since the development, management, administration and particularly the monitoring of concessions have significant cost implications for the MET, one of the goals is to generate revenue for the State through concessions as a means of recovering costs.  It is also important that parks make a contribution to State revenue so that other Namibians can benefit. 

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