Hon. Deputy Minister Bernadette Maria Jagger

Hon. Deputy Minister Bernadette Maria Jagger

Honorable Bernadette Maria Jagger, born on 26 February 1958 is the Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism.

She holds a Bachelor of Philosophy in Education (B. Phil. Ed) from the University of Exeter, UK, (2002), a Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching and Administration from the University of Warwick, UK, (1995), a High Primary Education Certificate, UNAM, (1993) and a Lower Primary Teachers Certificate, Sohnge Training College, SA, (1974-1975).

Hon. Jagger worked as a Teacher from 1976 until 1996 where after she was promoted to the position of a Head Senior Education Officer from 1996 until 2006. She was further promoted as Inspector of Education in Kunene Region for a period of five years. Due to her hard work and dedication, she was promoted to the position of Deputy Director in the same Region, a position she held until her appointment as a Member of Parliament for the National Assembly in 2015.

Hon. Jagger was elected into several key positions in the SWAPO Party, such as a Member of the Swapo Party Central Committee since 2012, Member of the National Executive Committee for the SPWC since 2012, Member of the Central Committee of SPWC since 2011, Khorixas District Coordinator SPWC (2006-2014), Branch Coordinator for the Swapo Party Women’s Council for the Maxuilili Branch in Khorixas (2004-2006) as well as a Member of the Local Authority Council (1992-2003).

Hon. Jagger serves as Chairperson on the Namibia Conservation Parliamentary Caucus and also serves as Board Member on the Community Conservation of Namibia. She is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and a dedicated individual who have great passion to work for most vulnerable communities in the country. All the hard works led her an opportunity to successfully become a National Leader being the Deputy Minister of Ministry Environment and Tourism.