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Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) staff benefit from Excel Training

Over the last years, The Integrated Community-Based Ecosystem Management (ICEMA) project has funded a total of 5 basic and 2 advanced Excel courses, during which the MET staff have been trained in the use of Excel. 

The recent Excel training course took place on 16th to 17th March 2011, at the Polytechnic of Namibia computer labs. This was a basic course and the content covered an introduction to Excel environment, inputting data, designing and formatting worksheets, understanding formula constructions, numerical logic and percentages, well as interpreting and presenting management reports. The group was very active, they learned the materials very quickly and were eager to learn more of Excel.

The courses are facilitated by Padelia Paulus, Analyst Programmer at the IT division, and Denyse Faulkner, the Financial Adviser to the Ministry. Padelia Paulus has received on-the-job training to continue running these courses, ensuring that MET staff have continued access to good quality, practical Excel training. 

MET, and in particular the staff who have been trained, would like to thank ICEMA for their support. 

Below are all of our Basic and Advanced Excel course graduates:

Excel Graduates (Basic): Charles Musiyalike, Chrispin Konkwena, Erwin Tjikuua, Francis Santambwa, Hiskia Tyapa, Jeaneth Tsases, Kaiporo Kandjii, Pietra Hanze, Rehabeam Erckie, Rosa Van Wyk, Rudolf Haufiku, Alma Tjongarero, Boniface Sichombe, Calvin Matamola, Chrispin Mulisa, Daniel Kafula, E Nghilai, Harry Tjihukununa, Ivan Muchanana, J Tashiya, Shedrick Kaseba, Siegfried Gawiseb, Titus Garaseb, Anna Erckie, Anna-Marie Edward, A Mataya, Caroline Skrywer, Golda Garises, Desmond Beukes, Linda Baker, Michael Mumbalu, Katrina Neshuku, Pandu Nghifenwa, Sylverster Sikongo, Charles Shimbome, Dausab Andreas, Shikongo Mavara, Arnoldt Keeya, Isaskar Uahoo, Kaino Shindondola, Mathew Jones, Uertjiua Katjimune, William Kandjella, Ferdinand Tourib, Cornelia Lemisu, Henog Fredericks, Bonny Simataa, Crispin Makata, Karel Ndumba, Riaan Oberholzer, Chris Kauendji, Phyllis Kanyimbam Romeo Isaacs, and Robert Mwanangombe.

Excel Graduates (Advanced): Kaiporo kandji, Birgit Kotting, Wilfred Versfeld, Harry Tjihukununa, Calvin Matomola, Shedrick Kaseba, Erwin Tjikuua, Siegfried Gawiseb, E Kuruseb, Isaskar Uahoo, R Haufiku, Jeanette Tsases, P Paulus, Arnoldt Keeya, Linda Baker, Katrina Neshuku, Kaino Shindondola, J Tashiya, Charles Shimbome, Jeremiah Lamek, and Romeo Issacs.

In the picture: Participants from the recently held Excel training course

For help on Excel, or if you or one of your colleagues would like to join the next course, please call or email either Padelia (061 284 2110/2361 – 081 312 4230 – or Denyse (061 284 2214 – 081 148 1239 –

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