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Africa Adaptation Project Namibia (AAP-NAM)

The Africa Adaptation Project Namibia (AAP NAM) was officially launched in February 2010 and is part of a wider adaptation programme for 20 African countries, entitled “Supporting Integrated and Comprehensive Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation in Africa”. The Namibian Government, in collaboration with UNDP and funded by Government of Japan, is implementing a component of the global Africa Adaptation Project, entitled “Building the foundation for a national approach to Climate Change Adaptation in Namibia”, to address climate change risks under each of the five AAP Global Programme outputs.

The AAP NAM aims to build effective leadership and institutional frameworks in Namibia for better coordination and integration of climate change programmes into development policy. Support to local community climate change initiatives and priority sectors such as sanitation and health is further provided. The project is also assisting the government to identify financing options that will allow it to meet long-term national adaptation costs and to expand knowledge management systems and information sharing.

These project objectives are captured in the following five outputs to address climate change risks and opportunities in Namibia to support:

1. Dynamic long term planning mechanisms to cope with the inherent uncertainties of climate change introduced, with a focus on managing flood risk

2. Namibian leadership and institutional frameworks to manage climate change risks and opportunities in an integrated manner strengthened, including a decentralised approach 

3. Climate resilient policies and measures in priority sectors implemented (flooding and settlement/sanitation and health) and promoting community-based adaptation action 

4. Financing options to meet national adaptation costs expanded at the local and national level and building on Investment and Financial Flows (I&FF) work ongoing

5. Knowledge on adjusting national development processes to fully incorporate climate change risks and   opportunities generated and shared across all levels

 For more information please visit the AAP web page on the MET website (


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